a 3-screen digital installation

by Sarah Rubidge with Alan Stones

Presented at The City and The City: Contested Spaces Group Exhibition

Curator Fion Gunn,

APT Gallery, Deptford, London

May 3rd - 19th, 2012








Streamlines: The 3-screen installation in situ (1)





Streamlines: in situ showing the fabric streams that flow through the gallery to create an intricate cartography of connection.


Created for the 2012 group exhibition "The City and The City: Contested Spaces", curated by Fion Gunn, Streamlines celebrates the flowing streams that lie above, by and below the streets of London. Drawing on the notion that these are composed not only of water, but also of people, traffic, streets and time, it explores the flows that weave around us as we travel through and around the city.

At its centre lies a 3-screen digital installation, each screen edited in such a way as to create an everchanging composite image that choreographs the multiple flows of motion that we experience in everyday life. However, Streamlines extends beyond the digital image, streams of yarn flowing from it through the gallery to create a fluid cartography that becomes an extension of the 3-screen installation, its streams and tributaries linking the individual works of the exhibition into a rich, multifarious artistic commentary on the city as an organism and a home.

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