Thai Tracings

an interactive digital installation

Created by Sarah Rubidge: Sound by Alan Stones: Installation Environment by Sarah Rubidge

Created for and presented in the International Performing Arts Festival

at the

World Symposium: Global Encounters in South East Asian Performing Arts

Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand

February 1st - 3rd 2013








Thai Tracings Installation environment

Thai Tracings in action



Thai Tracings Installation environment

Thai Tracings showing juxtaposition of the traditional and contemporary



Thai Tracings is a 3-screen interactive installation created using the software Isadora. The installation was mounted in an intimate, low-ceilinged room, which was lined with fine string curtains to soften the texture of the internal architecture of the space and generate a more affective installation space. The string curtains also served as projection surfaces. The had the effect of diffusing the digital imagery in such a way as to enhance its evanescent qualities.

As an installation Thai Tracings explores the implications of the interpenetration of the traditional and the contemporary that is present in many South East Asian cultures, referencing the potential significance this raises for perceptions of cultural identity. Whilst it celebrates the traditional and acknowledges its place in the contemporary world it also opens up for further contemplation and debate suggestions that performance forms drawn from ancient cultures are a primary signal of cultural identity in the urbanised world of the 21st century. Like earlier installation works such as Time & Tide and Hidden Histories (both 2001) it also directly addresses the interweaving of past and present histories that permeate any society.

The work bears within it philosophical implications (e.g. Bergson's notion of durée, the concept of identity). These underlie the thinking in this work, and affect the way it developed. Such issues, as in other works, are articulated through the liminality and sensuousness that characterise my artistic oeuvre.





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Video Images of Thai Tracings


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